What's up with me and making dirty jokes about the Bushes? Am I strange? I must be. But they're

// Thanksgiving quote, 2000: "Al Gore is the biggest pud who ever ran for President!" (courtesy of Mr. Bonebrake)

Thursday, November 23, 2000 | 07:25 p.m.
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// Yeah updates! (Not on my page... yet. mUahaha.) I'm planning on redoing my page this weekend. I'm figgering I'll just make a plain-ish design (meaning I don't use a central like, theme) and then keep the splash picture (rawr!) or change the color scheme to go with the new design and then change the splash picture when the time comes (when the election's over). So... that's that, then.

You're probably wondering what's gonna be new on the page then, aren't you? Let's see: blog (yeah, "blog", not pitas page, because now Blogger's alive again. Plus I wanted a search engine on it.), my political evolution explanatory page (or: "Why I'm not a commie anymore"), gallery (for sketches and pictures I took. I'm not a photographer, I just need filler, heh heh...), survey (I'm not following the trend, actually I'm addicted to reading those online surveys; it's sick really), and other junk. Eh, whatever.

// So... gosh darn it, i totally forgot what I was gonna write about in the first place. Oh yeah, so I was just thinking about certain Benet Academy-isms. Observe:

"That Calc final totally raped me. I got it up the ass, it was like, don't bother to lube up, baby." See, I never knew that Benet was the only area school that personified tests as rapists. But I was just informed we were. Ok, next:

"...not so much." If someone says something stupid then we say a lot of the times: "Hmm. Not so much." It's weird, but it's TOTALLY STUCK IN MY HEAD!!! YARGH!

// Yeah, and now I have to go finish writing a paper about my "sense of sexuality". I spent like, one page writing about what the teacher wants and like 20 on what I want. The paper was to be 3 pages long. Shucks.

Thursday, November 23, 2000 | 04:04 p.m.
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// So Colin Powell's wife is going to bring a bit of Thanksgiving turkey to George Washington University Hospital to help the Cheney's celebrate Thanksgiving. Aww. Dick Cheney is still God. Just a god who had a mild heart attack, that's all.

Thursday, November 23, 2000 | 12:35 p.m.
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// How could I even think about changing the designs of my pages? It just wouldn't be right to deprive the world of hot Bush love, would it? I'm so pissed though because I can't make a post-election edition yet. Shucks.

Tuesday, November 21, 2000 | 06:09 p.m.
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// A most disturbing morsel from Newsweek:

"Tipper's moods provoked some grumbling in the Gore camp. She upbraided staffers if her holding room was not stocked with Slim-Fast shakes. But no one denied that Gore needed her and used her as an escape from the constant coaching and handling that presidential candidates have to endure. Tipper, for her part, was not shy about advertising their means of diversion. To AP reporter Sandra Sobieraj, she related this mildly steamy e-mail exchange between her husband, who was rehearsing in Florida for the first debate, and herself, back at the vice president's mansion in Washington. Gore was typing on his BlackBerry messenger while he stood at the podium.

Al: "I love you. How are you doing? I'm in the middle of debate prep. Paul [Begala, his sparring partner] is talking. They're wondering what I'm doing."
Tipper: "Oh, I know what I'd like to be doing with you right now. [Tipper writes something she describes as 'a little lascivious']"
Al: "I'm losing my concentration now. We have to stop."

Hmm. Oh my dear, sweet God. Now I really know too much about the Gores. Too, too much. Too too too too much. They're way too sexual for me. I mean, there's the sleeping in the nude thing, the "hunk" stuff, "the kiss", the cover of Rolling Stone, the pda's, and now this. So like, when he was debating Bush in MA was he thinking about boinking or something? Is that what all those sighs were about?

"Well Jim, in MAH plan... mmm oh yeah... there would be TARGETED tax cuts mmmph..."

Oh, but anyways, I was telling G^2 in Poli. Sci. that let's just say Gore wins the Presidency. So, what if the Gores are into role playing? Would they go into the Oval Office and... hmm, observe:

Tipper: Let's do something lascivious.
Al: Ok.
Tipper: Let's roleplay again.
Al: Ok. ::zip:: But you be Monica this time.

Monday, November 20, 2000 | 03:58 p.m.
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// Oh crikes. I'm slacking off again. The last time I redesigned or messed with my personal site was in October... That's bad, mmkay? But, argh! I can't redesign till FL gets its sh*t together and finishes the counting... See, I don't even care who wins (well, not really), I just want to be able to redesign my site--I feel like I'm letting down my kind host; ya know, since I'm taking up space (literally) there... ah well, eventually I'll get back to it... (Stupid Florida--smoothe move, Jebby.)

Hey, at least Thanksgiving break is coming up. Can we say "Woo Hoo"? Mmhmm, that's right.

Sunday, November 19, 2000 | 07:59 a.m.
- - -

// Speaking of James Carville (see about two posts ago), did you see him on Meet the Press last week? ...gosh, even I like James Carville, it's hard not to really. He said of Ralph Nader something like: "I will not speak the ego-maniac's name." and he said he'd "turn his back to him" if they were in the same room together or something. Heehee, the Ragin' Cajun's the fricking man... or maybe I'm just saying that because I don't really like Nader. I dunno. "I don't know animals (Dr. Evil)."

// Speaking of outspoken people, I just had a political flashback and watched my tape of the 15th anniversary special of Crossfire (from like, 1997). And by-crackety, I was so mad that they didn't have any clips of Lynne Cheney's "era" of the Sunday edition of Crossfire. The only time they showed her was at the end when they showed a montage of the different hosts from over the years. "...and from the right, I'm Lynne Cheney..." Pshaw. Pshaw, i say!

Saturday, November 18, 2000 | 09:51 p.m.
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// eek! Charles changed rebelferret.net's design! I likes it. AH LAHK IT A LAH! (english translation: "i like it a lot")

Saturday, November 18, 2000 | 07:48 p.m.
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// I really love how my APPoli.Sci. teacher thinks I'm a right-wing zealot. Every time he talks about the Clinton it's like, he looks over in my direction to check out my reaction. And when, of course, I gag or shudder or say something to G^2 (who sits in front of me... that's his name, no really) my teacher always goes:

"...I mean, this is longest sustained economic boom, some say it's Congress, Clinton, or the corporations, ::teacher looks at me:: but Rachel would never give Clinton all the credit..." or:

"...Mrs. Clinton is a real policy wonk and she might have done better not to run for the Senate but to be part of Health and Human Services if Gore becomes President. ::teacher looks at me:: Look, Rachel's gagging. She might do a good job for a liberal with that because that's what she cares about... ::teacher looks at me:: but Rachel doesn't think so!" or:

"...blah blah, some are asking for a revote in Florida. ::teacher looks at me:: ...the ones Rachel's calling 'crybabies'."

Oh, oh... then after he mentions what I'm doing, the whole class looks at me... heehee, it's funny, yet, strange. It may be that he's trying to get me to voice my opinions in class because I'm usually pretty quiet, but in some of my reaction papers, I spew virulently anti-liberal venom. I think he thinks I'm secretly the James Carville of the right-wing.

Saturday, November 18, 2000 | 04:23 p.m.
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// OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM THE RACHEL CAMPAIGN: RACHEL'S MAIN GOAL IN LIFE IS TO P*SS OFF JESSE JACKSON. Yup. Totally. Check this out: Jackson was on his way to speak at a rally/protest thing to get a revote. So these Bush/Cheney supporters blocked Jackson and his "people" from the stage. And they were chanting "Jesse go home!" and the like. Then he told reporters, "It was a violent scene and the crowd was out of control." And: "He said he saw some people being verbally abused and hit with sticks. (AP)"

Hmm... Ya know, if I just heard the part about how it was violent and out of control I would've thought: "HEY! That reminds me of the mayhem a couple students down in Decatur created. Oh wow! What a coincidence! Jesse Jackson roused some rabble to protect them from their just punishment! WOW! THAT'S COSMIC!!!" I HATE JESSE JACKSON x100,000!!!

Monday, November 13, 2000 | 09:31 p.m.
- - -

// Ooo... screw the American Presidential brouhah; check out what's going on in the Philippines. Erap got impeached! People power strikes again?

Monday, November 13, 2000 | 09:22 p.m.
- - -

// Courtesy link: [LINK!] The author of that blog i just linked to asked me to be part of her group blog. So I'm all like, why, heck, I'd be glad to.

Monday, November 13, 2000 | 08:51 p.m.
- - -

// I need to come clean with something. I know that I, alone, should do it lest a future political opponent of mine disclose it several days before an election... I, Rachel, helped a friend commit an act of political sabotage. It's true, it's true. ::sniffs::

Almost two weeks ago, while trick or treating (yes, sad, but true) I dared a friend to sabotage a Gore/Lieberman sign. And ::gasp:: she trashed it. I ::gasp:: can't even begin to recount the savagery we committed to that sign. We must have ::sob:: bent the metal rods ::sobs:: pulled the sign right off them ::sob:: And then... we rang the doorbell, said "trick or treat", and took candy from the people.

Ehhh, but who cares, it was an act of justice, I tell you!! ...if it were up to them, they'd ring the doorbell at my house, say "trick or treat", and take 50%+ of all my mom earns. Tch.

Sunday, November 12, 2000 | 09:04 p.m.
- - -

// Thanks to this blog I found this site. It tells you your "dark name". Observe:

George W. Bush, from this day forward you you will also be known as Amateur Bastard
Joe Lieberman, from this day forward you you will also be known as Fanatical Demon
Lynne Cheney, from this day forward you you will also be known as Midnight Overlord
Dick Cheney, from this day forward you you will also be known as Quiet Conqueror
Tipper Gore, from this day forward you you will also be known as Arrogant Knight
Rachel Jurado, from this day forward you you will also be known as Erratic Genius
Laura Bush, from this day forward you you will also be known as Vulgar Enchanter
Al Gore, from this day forward you you will also be known as Midnight Assassin

These were quite accurate. I, for one, am amazed.

Sunday, November 12, 2000 | 04:53 p.m.
- - -

// Click here to see a splash thing I was thinking about using. As you'll see it's the "Oh my God they killed Jebby!" Post-Election Edition. Should Bush lose the election, I would use it. Jebby for President!!

Saturday, November 11, 2000 | 03:44 p.m.
- - -

// My poli. sci. teacher is way off his game these days... We were talking about how Jesse "the rabble rouser" Jackson was bitching about how some blacks were prevented from voting in FL. Well, for some strange reason--hopefully he just turned off his brain for a second--my teacher said something like: "...well, without people like Jesse Jackson racial segregation might still exist..." ::faints::

Up till he said that, he was a great teacher. Of course, he didn't say that to "indoctrinate" us to Jackson's racial bullsh*t; in fact, my teacher is REALLY good at masking his political preferences, and frustratingly so. But comparing Jesse Jackson to MLK Jr. and Rosa Parks? Eh?! Fuck no, I think not!!!

Friday, November 10, 2000 | 11:54 p.m.
- - -

// "We want a fair vote, demand a revote!!!"

This is what is on the signs of many Gore supporters protesting in FL. In the words of Rush Limbaugh: "Is this not tremendous?" And I hate to sound even more like Rush Limbaugh, but why is it that liberals say it's "unfair" that people are dumber than others? Is it just like it's "unfair" that certain people earn more than others? Why do they then try to make people equal as if that would make things "fair"?!

Friday, November 10, 2000 | 09:21 a.m.
- - -

// We were watching CNN in political science today and it was sorta funny. We were watching these Gore/Lieberman supporters protesting about the "confusing" "butterfly ballots" in Palm Beach County. Isn't it funny how these people are basically protesting their own stupidity? So their battle cry would be???

Thursday, November 9, 2000 | 04:14 p.m.
- - -

// Seems as though everyone i know is surprised at my strange behavior these days. Why, it seems like every 5 seconds someone's all like: "Geez, when did you become an arch-conservative. You used to be such a commie!" Yeah, that's true, my old party was the Commie Pinko Party (YCL, give 'em hell?).

I meant to put something about that at my webpage, but that obviously hasn't happened. But if you're wondering why I turned neo-conservative "all of a sudden" (actually it's been happening for a bit, i just never really tell people that sort of thing), it's for a few, simple reasons. Here are a few:

1) Liberalism has historically screwed over my family. It's like, no matter where my family is (Philippines or America), they always end up getting screwed over by liberals... that's probably because they're not inept.
2) A few personal experiences. I'll have these anecdotes up at a later time.
3) I'm done with my more intellectual than thou, annoying teenager with an itch to change the world phase. Liberals are freaking snobs. I think I still am a snob, but not as much as before. Damnit. But there'll be more to that later.

I'm planning on changing the design of my pages this weekend. I wanted to make post-elections designs. There'll either be a "It's Jebby's Fault" of "Oh my God! They killed Jebby!" design if Bush loses or maybe a... oh god, I don't know what design to have if Bush wins. Uh-oh...

Wednesday, November 8, 2000 | 04:53 p.m.
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// I just read this pro-choice review of an article in the Trib (8/9/99) that talked about a study that contends that the legalization of abortion is what caused the lower crime rates of the 90's. Hmm. Obviously, the group that wrote the review was very ecstatic about the findings and used it to promote their goals. Seems as though in addition to the Roe v. Wade factoid, places with higher abortion rates have much lower crime rates than places with lower abortion rates. So let me get this straight, we're giving the death penalty to the murderers before they commit murder! Why, Watson! That's a capital idea!

Wednesday, November 8, 2000 | 04:49 p.m.
- - -

// Hmm, ok... So there's that old joke that says if you want to live like a Republican vote Democrat (mmm, condescending liberal rhetoric, mm ::drool::). Bush got like, 15% of the black vote in Chicago. Ok. Let's put stuff together. The "black community" is STILL voting Democratic. So, there could be two reasons for that.

A) They don't "live like Republicans" because Democratic BS doesn't work for them... but certain leaders scare these certain people into thinking all Republicans are racist boogie white men, and those certain people buy it. (And the worse thing was that filthy piece of politicized trash--the James Byrd commercial. Yeah, ok, how can George W. Bush be racist?! ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID? THE FUCKING DEMOCRATS ARE FUCKING RACIST! GARRRR!!! Sorry, I'm so frustrated at this moment with people in general...)
B) they DO "live like Republicans" they're just paying the Dems back for getting them where they are today (because according to the Democrats no one gets to where they are on their own... why, just this morning Mario Cuomo, ya know, the has-been, was saying that to Bryant Gumbel, but anyways...). Isn't that nice of them? But then again, if they vote Democrat and they "live like Republicans", they won't be "living like Republicans" for long because their bubble of wealth nouveau will be punctured by the government that targets wealth. Hmm.

Well, ya know, i hate to make "hasty" judgments (like Al Gore when he decided to concede defeat), but I'm thinking that the former reason is right. Even after all the condescension and failed policies, Chicago is still, well, Chicago. And the south-side is still, well, the south-side... and here's where my liberal friends start calling me racist (even though, of course, I'm not).

Wednesday, November 8, 2000 | 04:15 p.m.
- - -

// God... Al Gore is such a puss-. Imagine if you were Bush and you got the call from Gore retracting his concession. (some of the quotes are "real"... wow! it's like you're right there!! yowza!)

Al: "Hello, hey G, what's up? ...yeah, it's sorta important."
Dubya: "Don't mess with Texas."
Al: "I know, you told me before. No actually, I'm not calling to mess with Texas, I just wanted to say that circumstances have changed, and I want a recount. I was just kidding when I told you I concede defeat."
Dubya: "..."
Al: "...remember a little while ago, I called and--"
Dubya: "Yeah, I remember that. Well do what you gotta do, [under breath] ya puss-."
Al: "What'd you say? There's no need to get snippy about it..."
Dubya: [to Dick Cheney, also in the room. Dick Cheney: "Oh yeah, he is. Big time."] "'Snippy'? ...god, what a puss-."
Al: "...so we'll have a recount, ok?"
Dubya: "Ok."
Al: "... ... I WON THE POPULAR VOTE NYAH NYAH!" [slams the phone down]

Gosh... What an election. Ok, I dunno. If I were Bush and Gore just phoned me to say he retracted his defeat, I woulda hopped a plane to Nashville and bitchsmacked the monkeyp*ss out of Gore. MMhmm. I would've, it's true.

Wednesday, November 8, 2000 | 02:20 p.m.
- - -

// Yow! Scary scary elections! Whee! What the hell is up with these Republican Governors?! FAILURE! FAILURE! Christie Todd Whitman, George Ryan, Jeb Bush (maybe, sorta, well, it's too close at this moment), and Tom Ridge... FAILURE! We will not tolerate FAILURE! Gaah... anyways.

// So Dan Rostenkowski was on Fox talking about how it was "distasteful" for the First Lady (or any first spouse, really) to run so close after the end of the President's term. Now, I agree with him because, it's so damn cheap. But apparently Robin Cook and Jacobson didn't agree with Rosty. Jacobson even said to Rosty: "Now you're just sounding like a traditional white man..."

umm... so I too sound like a traditional white man? Hoom. riiight...

Tuesday, November 7, 2000 | 09:36 p.m.
- - -

// Check this out:

"For the official World Series magazine, Gore and Bush provided written answers to some questions pertaining to baseball, including, 'What do you think of domed stadiums?' Gore's complete answer was:
'The design and construction of domed stadiums--in Seattle (the Kingdome was the first free-standing cement dome ever built), Houston (the Astrodome was the first stadium to use Astroturf) and Minnesota (the Metrodome is the only stadium in the U.S. whose roof is suspended without beams or rods--it's supported by air pressure), for example--have been feats of architectural and engineering excellence. But the real measure of any stadium, domed or otherwise, is how much fun you have inside.'

Bush's complete answer was:
'I like to go to baseball games outdoors.'"

Plain-spoken Americans... yup. That's where it's at.

Monday, November 6, 2000 | 09:20 p.m.
- - -

// Sigh... less than a day till Election day. Sigh again. See, I think I'm gonna have total post-election depression or something--no matter who wins. Because see, Clinton's such a f*cker that he's totally messed up, and the next President is going to have to clean up after him (no pun intended... eew.), and they probably won't do that great a job.

I have to admit though, it wouldn't be too terribly terrible if Gore wins. There are two good things about that. Number one, Darrell Hammond's impression of Gore is most excellent. I wouldn't mind a socialist wannabe for President if SNL does a good impression of him. Number two, it's of course, more fun to criticize the party in power than defend it, so there's another good thing about Gore winning.

Actually there may be yet another good thing about Gore winning. So let's see Gore wins this year. In 2004, probably John McCain'll run. Now, don't get me wrong, I think I hate John McCain like you wouldn't believe. But I think that would be a good time to defect to the libertarian party or something. Harry Browne--ow ow!!!

Monday, November 6, 2000 | 04:51 p.m.
- - -

// A rather strange set of headlines (this is the order in which they appeared on the site, believe it or not) from the NAACP's webpage:


hooom... lemme think about that one. One of three of Byrd's murderers got like, 8 trillion years in prison so they'll up that to 103 trillion and make him listen to Jesse Jackson rant and rave about bullshit for all that time or till Jackson dies b/c of the hate crime status. Two of the three murderers already got the death penalty so they'll get something stronger than the death penalty. I gotcha. Makes sense. Total sense. Wait, but then again, the NAACP is all pissed off about how so many blacks are disenfranchised because so many are in jail. But say this hate crime law thing comes through. There will be SO many more blacks disenfranchised and in jail since 90% of interracial violent crime (murder, manslaughter, rape, aggravated assault) is committed by blacks against whites. Well, of course, who's to say those are all hate crimes? But then again, many like to insist that all white violent crimes against blacks are hate-crimes while ignoring anti-white crimes that happens.

...just so you don't think I'm racist (like my liberal friends think), I'm not some angry old white person. I'm an angry young American person whose parents are Filipino--hehee, I don't like saying Asian-American.

Friday, November 3, 2000 | 11:18 p.m.
- - -

// Ya know what I don't understand? Nader. He's a strange motherplucker. Ok, so Nader's bitching about how the Democratic party is controlled by corporate interests. Ok. So assuming that's true, that means that's it's really run by a few, but the millions who are part of it have been duped into thinking they matter. Ok, that's established (and it's the same for the Republican party). So, basically what they're saying is that those millions in the two mainstream parties are morons who have been controlled by "the man", "the corporate giants", whatever. Ok, that's established. So that means two things:

1) Only special people like disgruntled college kids and movie stars like Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, and Danny Glover, and idiots like Cornel West can see the "truth" that the two parties are the same. Everyone else can't see the truth because a) they're too stupid or b)the "corporate giant" is blinding them. In other words, they're too dumb.
2) Is it right to take the election away from Al Gore (who I personally don't want to win) just because 5% of voters think Nader is the right guy for the anti-Semite? I mean, job. If they are so right and so good and the corporations are so bad, why can't they say, take away all of those liberal Democrats that are voting for Gore? Why aren't they strong enough to work within the party to get the liberal changes they want? Gee, could it be that they can't take the hint their candidate is not wanted for the Presidency by a larger percentage than 5% of registered voters? Take a hint, treehuggers, America isn't COMPLETELY socialist... at least, not yet.

How can this rowdy bunch of "Nader Raiders" pinkos be so presumptious and intellectually arrogant?

Friday, November 3, 2000 | 09:16 p.m.
- - -

// Oh yeah, baby. Way to redesign... ok, so I just changed the font stuff. I rule. Jesse Jackson so does not.

Friday, November 3, 2000 | 09:12 p.m.
- - -

// Do you believe in love after love? Mmhmm. Do you believe Cher is irritating? Mmhmm. The highly intellectual Cher speaks:

"Has everyone lost their f--king minds? Doesn't anybody remember the illustrious Reagan-Bush years when people had no money and no jobs? What has happened to people's memories? It's like they have Alzheimer's or something."

Wowee wow wow. That Alzheimer's jab was pretty nice. And oh so tactful... Let's see, there's more:

"If you're black in this country, if you're a woman in this country, if you are any minority in this country at all, what could possibly possess you to vote Republican?"

Well... let me think about that one. Maybe I dunno, b/c they like that whole liberty thing. That's pretty cool. Maybe I dunno, cuz they want to conserve conditions that allow people to make decisions in their own lives. That's also way dope, homie. Maybe b/c I dunno, they don't assume I'm part retarded just because i'm a minority. I can dig that. God, I so love liberal celebrities. I love how they're guilty about not having worked hard to earn their money, and then they don't mind trolling for people to take away money from people who did work hard for it. Wow. They're so cool. GOD DARNIT. I'M SO PISSED OFF TODAY. I NEED SPIN! SPIN! SPIN!!!

Friday, November 3, 2000 | 05:15 p.m.
- - -

// George W. Bush: Drunken Master. ahee hee hee... You've probably all heard about his DUI arrest (from 24 years ago... that would be 10 years before he stopped drinking all together. *ahem*). But the funny part is he was arrested for driving too slow. Hold on... BUAHAHA! MUAHAHA! ...phew. sigh. I'm all right. sigh. Oh yeah, and there were like, 3 other people in the car (some tennis star and his wife and Bush's sister "Doro"). Hello?! Were they so drunk out of their minds that they couldn't drive? Yeesh, they're obviously trying to sabotage him. ok not really...

Friday, November 3, 2000 | 12:07 p.m.
- - -

// Oh dear... Jesse Jackson's at it again. Check out what he said: "Everything Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for is now on the auction block. November 7 is judgment day. Call it dignity day. All that we fought for is threatened. you have the freedom to make the choice. Now you must go and make the choice."

If anyone in this world needs to be bitchsmacked, it's Jesse Jackson.

// ...and if anyone else in this world needs to be smacked, it's Rosie O'Donnell. I love how she tries to mask her obvious liberalism on her show, but she has all these liberal guests on the show (without having any serious or "outted" conservatives there). For the love of god, she had Hillary, Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, and fucking Kweisi Mfume. Ok yeah, so Mfume is president of a non-political group... fuck no! The NAACP has been so obviously politicized thanks to that moron Mfume (who once held an office AS A FREAKING DEMOCRAT). Hello?! Hello!? Anybody home?! Think, McFly, think!!!!

// ...and if there's one more slap to go around, give it to Ralph Nader. Ok, so, unlike him, at least the "DemReps" never wrote for an anti-Semetic publication that referred to Jews as "Termites of the Cross" or something--yeesh.

Wednesday, November 1, 2000 | 11:13 p.m.
- - -

// I was reading U.S. News and World Report and I came across a list of celebrities who support Bush or Gore. Umm... of course, there are the usual suspects for Gore: Rosie O'Donnell, Robin Williams, Steven Spielberg, Robert DeNiro, Tommy Lee Jones, Matt Damon, Christie Brinkley (a delegate at the DNC from NY), Julia Roberts, and Bill Cosby (Camille Cosby is an irrate racialist, big surprise)

. Do my eyes deceive me?! In addition to Ah-nold Schwarzenegger, a bunch of country artists (Reba McEntire, Travis Tritt, oh dear god...), Chuck Norris, and Gloria Estefan (?! eh ?!).... WWF's THE ROCK SUPPORTS GEORGE W. BUSH!!?? EH!!? EH!!? WTF?! The Rock probably knows--because he smells what the GOP's cooking--that one of Bush's top supporters, and my idol David Horowitz is one of the most vocal people against censorship. The Rock obviously knows where it's at ::sniff:: if ya SMELL LA LA LA... what I'm cooking. ::raises eyebrow::

And speaking of pro-wrestlers' political views, I think Val Venis is a libertarian. Eh, that's cool. Harry Browne's all right... and oh-so witty.

Monday, October 30, 2000 | 03:36 p.m.
- - -

// Yet more mp3's I, err, Lequita made:

Lequita discusses the election and the tough issues with Al Gore himself. These are must-listen clips, I assure you.
Part 1 (221KB | 0:37)
Part 2 (205KB | 0:34)

Sunday, October 29, 2000 | 02:15 p.m.
- - -

// I'm so damn lazy... See, I had a bunch of these mp3's that I Lequita and the Klump Ladies made (ok, and some others), but I don't have a page up for them at my site. Anyways, god forbid I spend the time I'm using to talk about how i'm lazy and don't have a page to make a page for them... So I'm just going to link 'em from here.

Flip Nastee. This is that famous Filipino umm, thing. Just listen. It's risque, but funny. I didn't make this, just so you know... I REALLY DID NOT MAKE THIS, I SWEAR!!! (234.49KB | 0:39)
Election Part 1. Mama Klump gives us her take on the Presidential Election. (313.16KB | 0:52)
Election Part 2. Grandma Klump contemplates Al Gore. (168.37KB | 0:28)
Stylings. Mama Klump rockin' the proverbial house. (77.45KB | 0:12)
Mama Again. (67.65KB | 0:11)
Out take alert! Loud swearage... (33.67KB | 0:05)
Lequita sings Tupac. She was runnin' from the pOH-lice that's right... (52.96 KB)
The Infamous 711. I've had a couple requests so... (267.24KB)

Sunday, October 29, 2000 | 01:30 p.m.
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